Is Web Design Important? 

What are Google Core Web Vitals? 

Any website design company that does not understand the importance of Google core web vitals is not worth your money. If they do not understand what that is, you are better off using your money on a date with your wife! Otherwise, your website will never rank! 
Google core web vitals are a set of specific factors that are considered by Google to be important when it comes to the overall user experience. The better your website’s user experience, the better for your agency or company because Google will give it a favourable ranking when compared to your competitors. The core web vitals are measured using a page experience score. Some of the core web vitals that Google measures include: 

The loading speed: The faster it is the better 
How interactive the page is 
Visual stability 
Mobile-friendly design 
The use of HTTPS instead of HTTP 
Safe browsing

The Audience  

The audience is your target customer. When designing your site, you need to know who your target audience is. For example, if you are targeting an audience from the age of 4- 10 years old, then you will need to use more visuals than text in your website. 

If the audience is 18- 28 years old, then you can use video and text. The trick is to know who your target audience is and use relevant high authority content to target them. All these play a key role in ensuring that you increase the web traffic of your website.

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