Google Display  Network

This service makes your products or services appear on popular but relevant websites that can be used to target potential customers. 
This service runs under the Google Display Network that has more than 2 Million websites, apps and videos. 
If you are a global company, you can target more than 90% of internet users using this strategy. 
The Google Display Network has three main Ad formats that you can take advantage of: Gmail Ads, uploaded image ads and responsive display ads.
 This Service is best for getting your products and services in front of an audience.

YouTube Adv ertising

Youtube advertising, is also known as Video Ads and is a unique way to reach more than 2 billion online streamers worldwide. Video Ad campaigns can either be placed before, during or after a Youtube video plays. Google ads youtube advertising is best for getting your products and services in front of an audience. For an effective Ad campaign, ensure you get your message through within the first 5 seconds of an Ad. Another tip you should follow is to target a specific and narrow audience and to keep the video less than 25 seconds.

Shopping Ads

Another form of PPC adverting is shopping Ads. These are product Ads that are strategically displayed on search engine result pages. The Ads will show product images, their titles, price and reviews. The reason for this is for the shopper to get important information that can help speed up the buying process. This type of Ad is suitable for eCommerce businesses looking to increase their sales.

App Ad Campaigns

An App Ad campaign is best for companies that are looking to promote their apps within the Google framework
. The good thing about App Ad campaigns is that they are automatically created by the system. 
However, this is not to say that you can not add some texts to it and HTML5 assets as well. To have a successful APP ad campaign, we advise you to provide at least one landscape image and a portrait and landscape video.

5 Reasons to Choose Our PPC Advertising Services

At Olkapiads, we have become the best digital marketing agency because of our commitment to our clients. So why should you choose our PPC ads agency?

Keyword  Research

The success of a PPC campaign depends on the quality of keywords used rather than their quantity. Marketers use these keywords for bidding on the first position on SERPs. The keywords used should be relevant to your industry; because, at the end of the day, you get billed each time a Google user clicks on the Ad.
Here at Olkapiads, our team of SEO experts work hand in hand with our google ads specialists to find a suitable and relevant long tail and short tail keywords. The reason why we go for both types of keywords is that long-tail keywords usually have less competition among brands and this makes them easier to rank on SERPs. To get relevant keywords, we use several tools such as adwords keyword planner and our own proprietary software.?

Ad Copy A/B  Testing

After we have chosen the best keywords for your Ad campaign, we will then write an engaging Ad copy to convince your target market to click on the Ad and make a sale. Our team of Google Ad specialists ensure that the Ad copy is descriptive, actionable and relevant.
So how do you know that an Ad copy fits into the above-stated description? We test it! Every Ad is run through an A/B testing sequence that enables our specialists to improve on it and make it more desirable. As a result, we expect that your pay per click advertising will receive the most relevant clicks and conversions.

Industry Analysis

All our Google Ads customers have a dedicated google ad manager who will do an industry analysis to find out the relevant terms that people are using to find your products online as well as emerging market trends. Some campaigns fail to yield the expected results because the brand does not consider emerging trends hence losing out on valuable keywords. Before we launch any paid search advertising campaign we will first come up with a suitable PPC marketing plan that includes measurable KPIs and a working budget.

In Client Revenue Created$3,559,000
Leads created for the client524,595,005
Client phone calls made
5 hundred thousand 

Google Analytics Tracki ng

Any brand that implements a marketing campaign but fails to analyse the results are wasting their time and money. Analytic tracking helps the brand identify opportunities and lapses in the marketing campaign that they can use to increase their conversion rate.
The best PPC management company is that which is transparent about their results and are willing to take responsibility when an Ad campaign does not achieve the desired outcome. At our company, for example, it is a company policy that every google campaign manager tracks and analyses campaigns atleast every two days. When there is a landing page that does not yield the desired results, we let the client know and then tweak the strategy.

We Create Several Landing Pages

The success of a PPC campaign will significantly depend on the types of landing pages created. If your landing page is just another regular landing page, then you might get the clicks but not the conversion. At the end of it all, no matter how much you tweak the results, you will always have a conversion problem. Trust us when we tell you that creating a landing page especially without a technical background can be expensive.
However, if you contract our company, these will not become a business cost, because we will experiment with hundreds of landing pages for free. The landing page will be customized for the diffrent types of ppc ads that we will run.

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